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If you’re looking for the technology to drive your education agency, you’re already a step ahead. You will start out small but, if you think and act big, and use innovative technology to support your business and drive your operations, you’ll grow faster, stronger and smarter in this highly competitive market.

Why run your education agency with RTOAgent?

01 Customer focused The time you save on paperwork can be put into customer relationships

02 Stops leaks Strong financials to keep track of commissions and payments to all parties

03 Integrated Manages the entire process from initial introduction to the student to graduation

04Web-based | Cloud access anywhere, anytime on any device and save on IT infrastructure and software costs

05 Secure Portals for your education agents and sub-agents

06 Cost Effective Invest in good technology now so you’re not spending money integrating multiple platforms in the future

07 Simple Easy user-interface, supported by training and a help desk

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