It is a well-known fact that businesses that invest in technology become more productive, innovative, more competitive and smarter, particularly with how they engage with customers. RTOAgent has been designed by a former Education Agent, in order to provide numerous benefits to international Education Agents and Education Agencies.

Benefits Education Agencies

  • Increased operational efficiency and strategic capability
  • Better business processes
  • Improved customer engagement
  • Innovation = competitive advantage
  • Reduced administration

Benefits Education Agents

  • Tracks student leads
  • Monitors commissions & payment
  • More time on relationships less on paperwork
  • Tracks applications, visa and other documents
  • Access anytime, anywhere on any device

Benefits Students

  • Answer queries immediately
  • No need to “call back” while you find information
  • Improved communications
  • More responsive to needs

Benefits Administrators

  • Enhances and streamlines processes
  • Improves administration though workflow automation
  • Provides real time information to support business decisions
  • Multitude of reporting options

Benefits Marketers and BDMs

  • Never lose a student lead
  • Track marketing campaigns
  • Shows return on marketing investment
  • Automated communication keeps you on message and brand
  • Captures and analyses sales and marketing data

Improves Communications

  • Standard communication templates
  • Automated messages and
  • Keeps students informed at all stages of application
  • Keeps colleges informed at all stages of application
  • Record & keep every conversation, email, letter and document

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