Base Package

RTOAgent has numerous modules and tools to streamline daily operations and benefit all areas of your business. Each module is flexible and customisable, adapting to your specific needs. We continually evolve our system to meet client need and provide our customers with unparalleled service and satisfaction. The following modules are included when you purchase RTOAgent.

Student Management

Keep track of the whole student cycle from first meeting to graduation. Manage applications, documents, visas, track progress through the enrolment cycle, communicate across multiple media (SMS, email). More...

  • Profile pages
  • Generation of student identifier
  • Passport & visa information
  • Confirmation of enrolment status
  • Course Management
  • Documentation
  • Status setting
  • Contact history
  • Health cover
  • Generate documents
  • Upload a student photo
  • View payments, loans and corresponding dates
  • Search tool

Application Management

Easily manage the application process for your students and monitor their progress until receipt of letter of offer. More...

  • Applicant profile page
  • Personal Information stored
  • Passport and nationality information stored
  • Visa information and dates recorded
  • List education super-agent, sub-agents and referrers
  • Track application type (OSHC, Visa or Letter Offer)


Never lose a commission again. Manage collection and processing of all payments, invoice generation, receipt preparation, commissions, referral fees, student loans and more...

  • Set student payments & fee structures
  • Track educational institute payments
  • Manage education agent commissions & referrer fees
  • Payment schedules & processing
  • Invoice and receipt generation
  • Invoice payment recording
  • Commissions and referrals
  • Numerous financial reports

Agent Management

Keep all details and commission and referral arrangements with your education agents and sub-agents in RTOAgent. Easily link your students to an education agent or sub-agent to track commissions and fee payments.

College/Client Management

Manage your relationships and partnerships with the educational institutions you are linked to world-wide. Record college details, keep copies of their student application forms online, and list all courses available and education agent commissions per course.

Course Management

Keep detailed records of all the courses available to your students at each institution. List type of course, duration, number of subjects and course fees. Also list course commission, duration and set education sub-agent commission.


Become a better communicator with education agents and students with a suite of communication tools. Newsletters, broadcasting, SMS, diary, templates, automated communications and reminders and more...

  • Automated communications
  • Emailing, Mail Merge and SMS*
  • Bulk and broadcast options
  • Templates
  • Diary pages and reminders
  • Mailing lists
  • Communication log and contact history
  • Integration with website

CRM (Sales & Marketing)

Build stronger relationships with your current (and future) students and track all their contact activity. Easily measure the returns on your sales & marketing efforts with an in-built customer relationship management tool. More...

  • Manage leads
  • Set status for leads
  • Manage marketing activity
  • Set monthly targets
  • Track success of marketing campaigns


With 29 different reports available a wealth of useful business information is a click away. More...

  • Student Reports (by status, by agent, by referrer, by course)
  • Pending status reports
  • Payment Reports (received, outstanding )
  • Lead generation reports
  • Communication logs between dates
  • To do lists
  • Can’t find a report? We can customise one for you.

Document Management

Never hunt through piles of paperwork to find a visa application or copy of a passport again. Scan and upload all important documents into RTOAgent and they will always be at your fingertips - no matter where in the world you are. More...

  • Upload and file student documents
  • Searchable
  • Archive

Admin & Security

Streamline your business processes with an abundance of tools to make administration a breeze. Templates, automated communications, scheduling, security, staff access, to-do lists, diary management and more...

  • Set user access levels
  • Password control
  • Standard templates, documents and forms
  • To-do lists
  • User audit trails
  • Communication log & diary
  • Reporting
  • OHSC set-up
  • Manage agents, sub agents & referrers
  • Manage educational institutions
  • Manage courses

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