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  • Dashboard

    The RTOAgent dashboard is your command centre. Easy navigation with shortcut icons and links to common functions.

  • Profile

    The space where RTOAgent administrators and users can manage their profile information and passwords.

  • Staff

    RTOAgent administrators can add and action staff/agent information.

  • CRM: Tools to track all marketing activity, targets, leads & events.

    The CRM home page provides to-do list functionality so you can provide exceptional customer service and never lose track of a lead again.

  • CRM | Leads Home: Know exactly who your prospective customers are.

    Quickly find out how many outstanding leads you have and what follow up needs to be taken. Use the bulk email option to communicate easily.

  • Setup: Get organised with RTOAgent.

    List education institutions, courses (and related forms), agents (and subagents), company templates, and even bank details.

  • Student Profile: Everything you need in the one place.

    Nationality, passport & visa details, college & course details, diary pages, payment information and photo option. Upload important documents.

  • Application: Look out for those letters of offer.

    Search current applications and create new applications. Action icons allow easy updates to student information.

  • Communication: Clear & constant communication = better customer service.

    Use the communication tools to keep track of every conversation and every piece of correspondence. Send email and SMS from within RTOAgent.

  • Student Payments: Easy accounts administration

    Every accounting element: course fees, GST details, commissions (including subagent), referral fees & payment schedules. Generate PDF invoices.

  • Invoicing: There’s no use working unless you get paid.

    Create and generate invoices. Export to excel and create PDFs. Record and track sub-agent payments.

  • Student Payments: Every scenario is accounted for.

    RTOAgent lets you apply course fee discounts and record any loans made to a student.

  • Miscellaneous Payments: Agents & agencies don’t just deal in course fees.

    Record payments for miscellaneous items such as visa processing, medical exams, accommodation, late fees. Able to create your own miscellaneous items.

  • Reports: Real time access to all your business information.

    Chose from over 30 different reports which can be filtered and searched. Customised reports* can be developed for clients.

  • Report Sample: List of payments | by educational institution

    Reports can easily be sorted, filtered and exported to excel.

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